Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Narendra modi not going soft on China and Pakistan

Democracy has stung Communism big time in Galwan

China has spoiled relations with entire neighbourhood and well beyond its capacity to manage. The fool cards like BRI, blank cheque diplomacy and the debt-traps can buy few leaders of poor countries for short-term, but turn people of these nations into long-term enemies as well.

The threat of Chinese cyber-attack is looming over India

Cyber ​​experts believe that banning apps is just the beginning and that an outraged China could try to harm Indian cyberspace in return.

राम खेलावन सतर्क है

पतंग के माझे से होली की पिचकारी तक चाइना की हो गयी किसी ने आह तक नहीं की आज जब सब बदल रहा है सब कुछ भारत में ढूँढा जा रहा है तो रामखेलावन को एक आत्मिक शांति की अनुभूति हो रही है।

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