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migrant labor in india

ई श्रम पोर्टल एक सार्थक कदम

भारत सरकार ने असंगठित मजदूरों, कामगारों के संगठित करने हेतु ई श्रम पोर्टल की शुरुआत की है। यह एक सकारात्मक और समावेशी प्रयास है।...

Decoding the Labour Code

India’s archaic labour laws have been highlighted as one of the key impediments in attracting investment in labour intensive manufacturing - key to India’s employment and job challenges. The labour reforms are a step in the right direction and will provide a fillip to domestic competitiveness.

Migration and job creation

Here is reason- why migration is a way to job but one should attempt it only when there is no second option.

Let’s engage migrant workers and nationalist NGOs to boost the rural economy

It is proposed in this article to invite nationalistic NGOs to participate in sustainable farming, tree plantation and afforestation schemes and push forward the rural economy. Recommendations are also made to fulfill the requirements of herbs and shrubs for Ayurvedic medicines.

Migrants crisis and need for data revolution in India

real time data base can be extremely useful at the time of war. If we know the exact number of workers we have in our country, It can give us some extra advantage over countries like Pakistan where data is highly unorganised.

Corona, Migrants, and other issues – How much do we Indians really care?

Migrants anyway had to suffer due to these existing laws - whether Corona came into the picture or not. Had the so-called perennial sympathizers been so vocal in discussing these issues earlier, we could have dealt this situation better.

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