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medieval history

Amir Khusrau: The “secular cultural icon” who spewed venom against the Hindus

A reading of Khazainul Futuh makes Khusrau’s antagonism towards the Hindus so apparent that it cannot go unnoticed.

Hindu Shahi Maharaja Jaipal and the Islamic Invasion

At a time when entire kingdoms and civilizations were falling like dominoes in front of the Islamic attack, our rulers including the Chalukyas, the Pratiharas, the Hindu Shahis etc kept fighting them.

Open Letter to Indian parents from a veteran soldier – your children are being brainwashed

Islamisation of our kids, Lessons in History, Mahmud Ghazni Vs Prithviraj Chauhan. Stop it.

Story of Rani Karnavati of Garhwal, who cut noses of Mughal warriors

A forgotten queen, about whom our 'liberal' historians don't teach.

The politics around movie Padmavati should not erase the facts around Jauhar

The history should not be the loser in the ongoing controversy. There are some facts every Indian should know.

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