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Mainstream Media

Don’t denigrate Indian democracy please

Modi government works along the lines of “Development with Dharma”. In six years, Modi government has launched several schemes and worked for the welfare of people from all sections of society.

The reality of Bihar Election Results analysis

It looks like there are many forces supporting the Naxalites in India. #UrbanNaxal is real! Forget acknowledging Urban Naxals, media is now not ready to acknowledge even the idea of Naxalites.

ToI’s mainstreaming stupidity or a pure paid news by Congress?

Times Of India once again glorifies Rahul Gandhi's speech in its Op-Ed.

Media ‘Nautanki’: Media and Opposition lie once more to defame Yogi

The liberals twist and turn facts according to what suits their narrative

Why would Indian Express blank the police statement that might have put the ‘Aadhaar FIR’ controversy to rest?

Why Indian Express has blanked the statement of Delhi Police which could have answered most of its insinuations

Paradise Papers: BJP MP hauls Indian Express up

“If the Indian Express claims to be the beacon of independent journalism, why are they not targeting other reputed public figures such as Sachin Pilot, P. Chidambaram, Pinarayi Vijayan etc who have all been named in the ICU Paradise Papers?”

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