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Mahmud of Ghazni

Was Hindu Temples destruction by Mahmud only for monetary gains?

The question we should ask ourselves – with so many accounts where Mahmud Ghazni's intentions were not only monetary loot but equally (if not more) important to destroy the Hindu civilization - why are there prominent historians amongst us who choose to not only look the other way, but portray a false view of those accounts? By presenting a skewed version of historical events - who are they trying to please?

Hindu Shahi Maharaja Jaipal and the Islamic Invasion

At a time when entire kingdoms and civilizations were falling like dominoes in front of the Islamic attack, our rulers including the Chalukyas, the Pratiharas, the Hindu Shahis etc kept fighting them.

“Nehru Conspiracy” & Dr. Mookerjee’s death

“J & K government and Nehru government had entered into a conspiracy that Dr. Mookerjee would be allowed to enter J & K but not be allowed to leave.”, claimed Vajpayee on record.

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