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SC rebuff proves Kanhaiya only pawn in hands of breaking-India forces

Politics of the case apart, I was wondering since yesterday how the Supreme Court was going to hear the bail plea of the arrested...

Open Letter to Barkha Dutt from a Communal Saffron Lunatic Fringe Element

Dear Eminent Intellectual Journalist Barkha Dutt, I got to read your open letter to PM Modi, which prompted me to reply. As usual, your opening argument...

रविश कुमार की मार्मिक एवं कालात्मक विडियो का जवाब

रविश कुमार जी, ये अँधेरा अगर मीडिया का, पत्रकारिता का तस्वीर है, तो जनाब आपका चैनल इस अँधेरे का तमराज किल्विस है।

टीवी अंधेरा कर रवीश ने सवाल सही उठाए, पर जवाब कौन देगा?

मीडिया को टीबी हो गया है या रवीश के मुताबिक टीवी को टीबी हो गया है, पर मीडिया को बीमार करने के लिए ज़िम्मेदार कौन है ?

Thekedaar of Nationalism Vs Thekedaar of Free Speech and the Hypocrisy

It is great Indian Tamasha going on. All political parties took this opportunity to serve their votebanks.

Open letter to a self confessed “anti national” from a committed Indian

An Indian writes to Rajdeep Sardesai who called himself anti-national.

Being Anti National is being Anti India, not Anti Modi.

Anti National slogans cannot be tolerated

JNU- The fault line of marxist intellectualism.

Nehru once said, "Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse." It is ironical that it was Nehru himself who made...

Open Letter to Prof Parnal Chirmuley

This open letter is in response to the opinion voiced by Prof Chirmuley in this article. (The words in bold are from the original article...

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