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Hindu girls marrying Muslim boys irregular and invalid in India

सुनो तेजस्विनी, तुम्हारे वाले की भी परख आवश्यक है

एक बार धर्मान्तरण कर लिया तो हिन्दू लड़की को विवाह से मिलने वाले सारे अधिकार खो दिए, शरई अदालत के सामने तो उनकी अपनी औरतें ही लाचार हैं, धर्मान्तरित को क्या अधिकार मिलेगा?

How a Muslim man tried to convert a Hindu girl, who was saved only because of being a minor

A Ruia College student, who had gone missing on March 9, has been traced and brought back to the city. Kavita (name changed), 17, had been kidnapped by an Odisha resident who had befriended her on Facebook, faked his Muslim identity as Hindu boy!

Legally speaking, marriage between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man is irregular and invalid in India

the left liberals doesn’t want to discuss in depth on the details of Muslim women rights and as well undermines the loss of fundamental rights of Hindu women guaranteed by Indian Constitution and supports the progressive ideas that could impede Hindu women rights.

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