Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Healthcare reforms by Modi government

Cross pathy– The autoimmune disease of AYUSH, MoAyush must step in

Unless the cross pathy is dealt severely, we cannot either promote AYUSH or achieve total and complete health care where body and mind are taken together in the treatment process.

Promote AYUSH products as ‘proto’ and ‘pre’ medicinal products for wellness and popularize at global level

To popularize and ensure global acceptance for AYUSH, the Ministry of AYUSH must adopt simple and easy to relate definitions for AYUSH products.

Those must be faithful are killing AYUSH tradition

The big question is why many of those institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas are harming the system by engaging in cross pathy if not they develop the system?

Scrapping of MCI was needed: Here is why

Instead of governing the medical education and practice with high level of ethical prudence, MCI has become the warehouse of corruptions and scams.

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