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Why Haryana desperately needs Yogi

Why BJP couldn't muster clear majority in Haryana and faced humiliation for trying to garner support from Gopal Kanda? The main reason was ML Khattar who is known for his arrogance and irresponsible statements.

Stop The Circus – Revolutions are not always the answer

The warning signs are here. The Haryana riots are a wake-up call. It is time look within and not be swayed by self-interests.

भीड़ का मिज़ाज

हरयाणा मे आरक्षण की माँग को लेके तोड़ फोड़ हुई तो उसी की आड़ मे बलात्कार भी। जवाबदेही किसी की नही है क्यूंकी ये भीड़ ने किया!

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