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Changing geo-strategic imperatives in the Indian Ocean region

Efforts to rekindle the historical ties with African countries and to lessen the Chinese influence in the region, Modi foreign policy, 2.0 is on its toes, with efforts like ‘Project Mausam’, to revive maritime ties among the Indian Ocean ports, started by Indian Ministry of Culture in 2014,

Major achievements of Narendra Modi led BJP Govt in 4.5 years

A comprehensive list of all the major achievements achieved by Modi govt so far.

Hitchhikers Guide to 2019 elections, FDI, Revolutions and Indian Democracy

A large-scale revolution or public outrage can never happen unless someone somewhere investing in it

Modi Sarkaar makes a big bet on FDI, but will it work?

The opening up of the sectors is not an automatic guarantee of increased economic growth and exports.

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