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Soros, Jairam Ramesh and his ‘Nehruvian Legacy’: Part-II

Inviting western anti-Hindu NGOs to destroy India and Hindus any which way the foreigners like, without govt. checks and balances, or perhaps with express Nehruvian approval.

Soros, Jairam Ramesh and his ‘Nehruvian Legacy’- Part-1

The "Nehruvian Legacy" Jairam Ramesh talks about concerning foreign NGOs is full of anti-nationalism.

Foreign funding of Indian NGOs

A new law passed in September 2020 required all foreign funded NGOs to open a bank account in a specific branch in New Delhi, limited the transfer of foreign contributions to other NGOs or persons, and lowered the administration expense cap from 50% to 20%.

Civil Society isn’t enemy while not free from subversion, suborn, division & manipulation

It is hard to say whether Indian Civil Society is subverted, suborned, divided and manipulated or not, but there are a large number of influential black sheep in Indian civil society having direct link with inimical elements abroad who have been relentlessly working against national interest by way of engaging themselves in creating political instability and disharmony among communities, castes, regions, languages, etc.

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