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Conversion of Hindus

परिवर्तन और परिवर्तित (Convert and converted) इतने भयानक और खतरनाक क्यों?

भारतवर्ष की संस्कृति और सभ्यता को नष्ट करने के लिए ये विधर्मी दिन रात एक किये हुए हैं। और इनमे ९०% धर्मांतरित ही हैं, जो स्वभाव से लालची, बेशर्म और बेईमान प्रकृति वाले होते हैं।

Anti-Conversion Laws: Fair & square

It is our responsibility as citizens to weigh in on controversial issues, but we must do so with an open mind and free conscience, rather than blindly echoing the chorus of naysayers.

How I was saved from Love Jihad

A personal experience of a liberal urban woman and her close brush with Islam.

When Congress leader Jayanti Natarajan gave statements for fragmentation & destruction of the Hindu society

In her most stunning feat Mrs Natarajan held that the right to propagate one's religion under Article 25 includes the right to convert. She outdid even Father Dominic Emmanuel in her zeal to advocate conversions.

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