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सदियों का भेदभाव और अत्याचार

ये जो सदियों से भेदभाव और अत्याचार वाली कहानियां सुनाई जाती हैं ना हिन्दूओं को, ये सब हिन्दुओं को आपस में लड़ाने के षड्यंत्र हैं बस।

Seek answers not from ‘intellectuals’ but from Ambedkar, for the social tempest seen today

Ambedkar’s analysis is perfect, for it is not only the beginning, but can far surpass anything that vocal elements could proffer today. For he beat them all with his intellect.

Did Dr B.R really made the Indian Constitution? Why is this so hyped about in India?

Dr B. R. Ambedkar in his concluding speech in constituent assembly on 25 November 1949 stated that:- The credit that is given to me does not really belong to me. It belongs partly to Sir B.N. Rau the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly who prepared a rough draft of the Constitution for the consideration of Drafting Committee.

A revisit of the philosophy of Hinduism as described by Ambedkar

Hindu philosophy by Ambedkar was an economist's interpretation of Hinduism.

Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar | Dr. B. R. ambedkar biography

He accepts matter in nature as real. In this way, he was closer to Materialism but still, he says no to Marxism. He maintained that religion is necessary for man. He was a socialist, he held that the individual is an end in himself.

The importance of Jignesh Mevani

Mevani needs to guard against many aspects of traditional dalit politics if he wants to make a long stride in politics.

Dalit priesthood and Samajik samrasta

The appointment of dalit priests in Govt controlled temples in Kerala is a welcome development.

Why are the dalits rising?

Caste discrimination needs to be tackled with tough laws and awareness drives aimed at attitudinal change.

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