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Advantages of economically backward reservations Amendment

10% general quota : How to determine 8 lakh: Effective in Central Posts from 1-2-2019

This write-up makes an attempt to analyse who all are eligible for this benefit and how to determine Rs. 8 lakh limit for the purpose.

Reservations, Politics and Propaganda

If the recently announced reservation were just a the political propaganda, they could have added into 9th schedule which the court would have overruled as Congress did in 2014 with Jats reservation.

BJP led NDA’S last leg bonanza in the Parliament-EBC Quota

The sudden surprising decision of the government on economically backward classes reservation paves the way for more churning in the political and judicial circles.

Will the supreme court be able to rescue India from its politicians?

Will the guardian angel of Indian democracy, the honorable supreme court, save India and it’s people from the politicians and kill this quota appeasement politics in its bud?

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