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The economic impact of the 2020 global recession

The global recession of 2020 was one of the biggest economic challenges the world has ever seen. It was a time of financial distress for businesses, governments, and individuals alike.

भारत और भारतवासियों की अपराजेय दृढ़ता, जीवटता एवं संघर्षशीलता का वर्ष- 2020

2021 दरवाज़े पर दस्तक दे चुका है। बीते वर्ष का आकलन-विश्लेषण करने वाले बहुत-से विचारकों-विश्लेषकों का कहना है कि वर्ष 2020 शताब्दियों में कभी-कभार फैलने वाली कोविड-19 जैसी महामारी और उसकी विनाशलीला के लिए याद किया जाएगा।

Homage: A letter to 2020

Have a good last few days 2020. You were truly one of a kind. Take a bow. And yes, we won’t miss you.

Philly to Delhi and Delhi to Philly: A train of thoughts between the two great democracies

"It is not Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but it is the Hunter Biden who has won the 2020 US elections.": Mainstream media and tech giants have entirely blacked out Hunter Biden's financial shenanigans with a design to protect Democrats and Biden.

Politics of Electoral Insurance- Modi-Shah style!

Post Bihar elections, what if Nitish Kumar takes another U-turn and does a Uddhav Thackeray on BJP? So how does Modi-Shah respond to this situation? By buying some Electoral Insurance! : Read how.

A letter from myself in 2030

Why stuck in the past which is painful or reality hard to accept. Why not see what lies in the future and open the windows of imagination to receive a letter from the future

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