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Pulind Samant

Pulind Samant is Mumbai born and a post-graduate in ‘Labour Studies’ from the University of Mumbai. He has had a successful career spanning 27 years, as a ‘Human Resource Management’ professional, having worked with a number of reputed Indian and multi-national companies. He is well travelled within India as well as abroad. He is a visiting faculty with his alma mater since the academic year 2015-16. He was an ABVP worker during his graduation and post-graduation days. He writes his blog viz. ‘Let’s Think for India’, on issues in the socio-cultural and socio-political domain, since year 2010. He is a columnist with ‘Organiser Weekly’, New Delhi and his articles are published in the quarterly issues of the ‘Journal for Strategy & Diplomacy’, of ‘Forum for Integrated National Security’ (FINS), Mumbai. He had earlier anchored the editorial team as a documentation consultant, for publishing a study report on contract labour, undertaken by ‘Rambhau Mhalgi Parabodhini’ (RMP). He is a linguist, possessing professional proficiency in the languages of Hindi, Marathi & English, apart from having varying degrees of familiarity with the Indian languages of Gujarati & Konkani as well as foreign languages like French and Japanese. He is also a translator,  translating books from Marathi into English & vice versa, as well as Hindi into English. He is also active on Twitter @pulindsamant.

Here is how BJP has scored five goals in handling the Kashmir affairs

Read how the right wing of India has succeeded in presenting the ‘right’ view to the people of India, as far as the Kashmir affairs are concerned.

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