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The Rajdhani Express system is the product of a colonized mind

All the Rajdhani Express trains run to/from Delhi (hence the name).

Time bombs planted by the UPA: Grade inflation in education system

The biggest scam of the UPA govt is the havoc wrecked by UPA in the education system.

Decolonizing our schooling

Macaulay's education model is a reality even today, as our education system was first tuned to generate instruments to run the British regime and now generates robots to mindlessly serve the current masters.

CBSE: The tool for propagating Delhi dominated discourse

Few realize this, but the CBSE board is a major factor in homogenising our national discourse and giving it an excessively Delhi dominated slant which is starting to rattle a lot of citizens.

A practical approach to preserve Indian vernacular languages

We need to be aware that our books for Hindi are incredibly boring for young children. In an era of trains, planes, cars, computers and internet, the excited school student does not want to read a sermon on morals, culture or patriotism.

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