Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Hello I am Pranav Johri am I am Delhi.

Are we heading towards a bear market? What to do? Stock market bubble

The Indian Market is now on a all time high. Nifty50 is on 17800 and sensex is on 60000 as on 24th September 2021. But are we heading towards a Bear market in the coming days or months?

Balochistan- ‘The land of the disappeared’

BAJWA'S Pakistan should concentrate and focus on their own land and not on Kashmir because they are doing the exact same thing which they say that the Indian government is doing in Kashmir and Pakistan should stop commenting and begging on international platforms about Kashmir.

The hypocrisy of Pakistan’s leading political party- PTI

Pakistan which is known to be the curse land for true journalism and activism, advocates freedom for Indian activist Disha Ravi!

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