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Pranab Bhandari is working in one of India's fast-growing news network(ETV Bharat) as a content marketing manager. He has expertise in writing about the arts & entertainment industries of India.

Is the goal of a 5 trillion dollar economy realistic?

Modi 2.0 government is keen on catapulting India to a 5 trillion economy by 2025.

Why the MSME endustry is critical to creating jobs and growing the Indian Economy

Despite some serious challenges, MSMEs have been powering the Indian economy and creating job opportunities for the middle and lower ends of the socio-economic scale.

Key stats you need to know before phase 6 of the General Election starts

Across the 59 constituencies, a total of 979 candidates are vying for votes of which we have both candidates with criminal records and candidates who are millionaires.

How news portals outperform newspapers

News portals have invaded the news space to the point that print is now threatened. How news portals have outdone the conventional information source is subject to investigation.

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