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Nitish should resign: Writes a Nitish supporter

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Magical three words that every opposition leaders in Bihar dream about, almost daily… ‘Nitish Should Resign’. Well, they might be right or wrong, with their own contexts and reasons. However, despite being a big-time Nitish supporter, I am too of the opinion that the time has come and our Honourable CM, Nitish Kumar should resign!

Those following Bihar’s politics since 90s, will agree that the current political field of Bihar is way too small for the calibre and persona of Nitish Kumar. On the verge of attaining the role of Bheesma Pitamah in Bihar’s electoral politics, Nitish Kumar at present almost like a Star International Cricketer playing for the Team full of Unknowns.    

Is there even a match for Nitish Kumar?

Not long ago and nearly before 2020 Bihar Elections, we witnessed Nitish Kumar as a political fighter. From leaving NDA to allying with RJD and till getting back to NDA, before 2020, Nitish Kumar locked horns and shared stage with almost every stalwarts. At present, there are no such stalwarts left and those left are ally.      

Lalu Yadav, the friend-turned-foe-turned- friend-turned-foe, is at the dawn of his health and political career. Lalu Yadav’s heir Tejaswi, though puts a strong fight before Nitish Kumar, but is still at the learning phase of his political journey unlike his mighty Uncle Nitish Kumar. Undoubtedly, Tejaswi Yadav is the face of present Opposition in Bihar, but Nitish Kumar responding and countering every charge of young Tejaswi doesn’t always give a good picture. Especially when compared to the persona that Nitish has built for himself over years with a strong Nitish-Lalu fights.

Late RamVilas Paswan is no more around to challenge or to heap praises on Nitish Kumar, like earlier times. Chirag Paswan, still a novice in Bihar’s politics, did everything possible to reduce the significance of Nitish in 2020 elections. Does it look good on part of an established Leader like Nitish to get blamed and weakened continuously by a ‘Youth Leader’ with no track record in state politics?

Sushil Modi, the long term cabinet colleague and deputy of Nitish Kumar, is no more involved with Bihar’s politics. BJP’s plan on Modi is still a mystery, but with all good guesses Sushil Modi doesn’t seem to be getting an entry in Bihar’s political field anytime soon. Certainly a loss of some extent for Nitish Kumar, especially in managing the cabinet.  

Rest other stalwarts, prominently like Sharad Yadav, have either lost their masses or are  staying sidelined. Now with all these explanations and reasons, is there anyone left Bihar, who can match or put a fight of equals before Nitish Kumar? Isn’t Nitish Kumar fighting the battle of unequals?

Where is Nitish headed?

With chances of becoming a PM face almost over now, Nitish Kumar seems to be becoming a CM with only one agenda.. Ban Alcohol!! Literally, His recent efforts and policies have revolved around only banning the alcohol and making an attempt to save this policy. There are other developmental tasks being done, but somehow or other Nitish Kumar doesn’t seem to be involved. Either being a socialist He likes to stay away from limelight OR He has spent enough time in State to consider the relevance of credits. The burden of being the ‘unanimous leader’ in the house, where BJP is  in majority, might be the other reason, which is keeping Nitish Kumar away from credits and in-turn from staying relevant!

Its not like that after spending considerable time in state, leaders start losing relevance. Jyoti Basu, Narendra Modi, Naveen Patnaik, Manohar Parikar and others have served their respective States for long, but unlike Nitish Kumar they ensured to remain at the helm of affairs. They made the necessary changes in their strategy to stay relevant for longer term in politics, besides getting necessary credits at National level.

A leader of the caliber of Nitish Kumar, who has always prioritized honest and developmental politics, needs to be identified at a bigger stage and must not remain confined at State level. Here we have new batch of ‘leaders’ in India, who are sweeping states with developmental agenda and then we have Nitish Kumar, who recently has  been in news only for his anger (remember the angry argument with speaker). Shouldn’t Nitish Kumar upgrade his strategy for staying relevant?

What we hope from Nitish Kumar?

Countless Biharis, across the globe, always had a high hope on Nitish Kumar for development. His image as leader was always linked with development. However, with changing dynamics and the recent wins at UP and Uttrakhand, have shown that Nitish Kumar’s model is nowhere standing before other models of running the Government. Yogi model of improving law and order seems more significant to Nation than Nitish Kumar’s policy of Ban Alcohol. Hemanta’s  push for inclusive development is Assam gains more eyeballs than Nitish Kumar’s developmental policies. Digital Governance is gaining momentum in every model and Nitish Kumar seems to be left behind, even at this front. Even Big Brother BJP would now like and must be in a hurry to apply some new model in Bihar’s governance, to make it significant like others.

We Biharis will never want to witness the mass leader of caliber of Nitish Kumar to be left behind, to get irrelevant or to start getting into the dawn of his career. Time has come for Him to leave the legacy of Bihar  into some new hands and to move to the Centre. As a Cabinet Minister, the berth He can easily gain given the current equations, Nitish Kumar can contribute way bigger than in Bihar currently. With role at Center, we might also see the old Nitish Kumar locking horns and sharing stage with stalwarts.

Another option or hope could be the Vice Presidency for Nitish Kumar! Given the experience, wide acceptability and knowledge, Nitish Kumar could become the de facto choice for Vice Presidency. He not only will bring honour to the Office but will also assume the significance and relevance as leader. Option might work for Big Brother BJP as well, as it will keep Nitish Kumar away from Bihar!

The fight He has put over Years should be known to Generations, especially the current generation with a weak memory. Certainly Biharis will never like to see the Face of Bihar turning into a Manik Sarkar OR George Fenadese of Indian Politics anytime soon! Nitish Kumar is here to stay and hope he listens!

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