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Social media campaigns – A new ground of Hindu hatred

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Hatred in virtual life is quite well known but in the context of Indian politics it has reached a new low. As COVID-19 brings “stop signal” for traditional political campaigning, all political parties bring more power to their virtual campaigns.

Every party has their cyber cells and strategy to win the information war on social media. As election coming near in eastern region of country opposition leaders in India took to the path of maligning Hindu religion in a very subtle way to appease minorities. Not only that, they fabricated news and pictures to hurt Hindu sentiment.

Communists embarked an online volunteer recruitment of young people few months back to bring out online campaign and devised many small WhatsApp and facebook group where they send abusive pictures of PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah or on other issues like “Ram Mandir”, “Sabarimala” etc. Those pictures are shared through general posts or groups by those volunteers to malign one personally or malign Hindu religion. Instead of criticizing govt. in a sensible manner this is their new way of doing politics.

Recently a post went viral showing that pilgrims of Vaishno Devi and Amarnath hires carrier to move them to the temples are disgrace to humanity as those carriers are Muslims. But actually those people are not doing it by force it is their source of income. They demand huge money to do that and pilgrims also pay, it was their “rozi roti” not a matter of divisive politics.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur was deemed as terrorist and she was mocked for advising Hindus to recite Hanuman chalisa. Prime minister was referred as “Gunda” “harami” in those groups. They even went to the extent to say that Ram is a mythical character and oppose Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan ceremony.

All this has been done with proper planning. Young minds are hijacked in those groups by false promise of socialism. Socialism is represented as a anti-Hindu sentiment. They support religious rights only for minorities. They abuse Yogi Adityanath as Gunda but never criticize those killers who killed a journalist as they are the member of Muslim community.

Apart from that they pay tribute to radical naxal leaders like Charu Mazumder, Mao Xe Dong and propagate their radical destructive politics. Even higher level leaders are involved in that though they never publicly support it.

These social media groups propagating false news and hatred against Hindus and feeding young minds with destructive radicalism are going to leave an permanent wound in indian social fabric.

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