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Shyama Prasad Mukherjee ideological school vs leftist

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Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was bro on 6th July 1901 in Calcutta, He enrolled as an advocate the year 1924. in 1937 he won elections for the first time. In the year 1941 he became Finance minster of Bengal province under the govt of AK Fazlul Haq’s Progressive Coalition Government. In the year 1942 several floods caused huge loss of life and property, the government was silent on the flood situation and was not helping its citizens, above that no one was permitted to enter or exit the province due to the shameless act of government, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee broke the rule and entered Midnapore district to help citizens, but he got arrested even though he was a minister. H was not given chance to help citizens so he resigned on 17h Nov 1942.

After resignation he became spokesperson of Nationalist India and had great influence on citizens. In the year 1943 more than 45 lakh people died of hunger but the government did NOTHING. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee along with Mahabodhi society, Ramkrishna mission and Marvadi relief society did a phenomenal job by collecting food and money from different parts of India and distributed in Bengal. When decision of partition was taken he went to Gandhi ji and also educated citizens that entire punjab, Assam, Bengal was given to Pakistan. It was because of him that half Punjab, entire Assam, half Bengal is today part of India.

He was made Minister of Industry and Supply in 1st Indian Government. In 1.5 Yes of his tenure he great job by setting up factories of 1) Air Ships at Bangalore 2) Ships at Visakhapatnam 3) Railway engines at Chitranjan. As India’s 1st Industrial Minister he kicked off Indias industrial development with a great success. In the year 1950 huge atrocities were done on minorities and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee requested Indian government to take action on these but Indian govt did not take any step. Because of which he resigned the 1st Government over Ideological war. He was the 1st minister to resign from the government of Independent India. He formed Bhartiya Jan Sangh in the year 1951. As an opposition his speeches were talk of the town and was known as LION OF INDIAN PARLIAMENT. He wrote several letters to Prime Minister Nehru and advised him not to take issue of Kashmir Lightly. Illegal immigrants starred pouring in from Pakistan to Kashmir, protests started against then Kashmir govt, 2500 protestors were arrested. Slogans of देश में दो विधान, दो निशान, दो प्रधान नहीं चलेंगे was started. As he was crossing the bridge on the river Ravi while going towards Kashmir, he was arrested by police and was taken to Srinagar. He gave up food and water, he breath his last on 23 June 1953. जहाँ हुए बलिदान मुखर्जी..वो कश्मीर हमारा है, वो कश्मीर हमारा है…वो सारा का सारा है। Slogan which was stared by Indian Citizens and a movement started against Kashmir issue. We had this leader who gave his life for National Integrity and security, he always kept nation above everything.

On the other hand we have brainwashed youths like Shrjeel Imam who say… “If five lakh people are organised, we can cut off the northeast and India permanently. If not, at least for a month or half a month. Throw as much ‘mawad’ (variously described as pus or rubbish) on rail tracks and roads that it takes the Air Force one month to clear it. “Cutting off Assam (from India) is our responsibility, only then they (the government) will listen to us. We know the condition of Muslims in Assam….they are being put into detention camps,”

The torch bearer of break India Camp Kanhaiya Kumar said ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Inshallah’ not only this, these kids are so brainwashed that they say “ham kya chahte, azaadi. Ham kya chahte, azaadi. Afzal tere khoon se, inqelaab ayega. Afzal tere khoon se, inqelaab ayega. Afzal ham sharminda hai, tere kaatil zinda hai.” Other narratives given were as- ‘Indian Army pe halla bol, CRPF pe halla bol, Afzal har ghar se niklega, Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jari, Kashmir ki azadi tak jung rahegi jari, Bharat ke iss mulk ko ek jhatka aur do’ THESE BRAINWASHED KIDS want to divide India on any circumstances.

We live in a society where both ideologies live, one of make India, another with Break India narrative. Its upon the citizens to decide and mainly the youths have to choose the right path to lead India. Nation is above all.

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