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Media: A stain on democracy

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As after reading the title above you already came to know in this article, I am going to criticize all forms of media viz. printing, electronic, etc. I want Indian Youth or any layman, who is intellectual enough to distinguish between right or wrong, to think from this perspective too.

On 24th March 2020, an unprecedented lockdown was unleashed by Indian government on its citizen which was the necessity of that time to deal with the pandemic. After that media emerged as the only mode from where every common man shall access the information about ongoing crisis and the plight of migrant workers. Government was trying hard to came up with new innovative policies to help them but transmission of information to every person became a Herculean task for them. Reporters, sitting in the air conditioned studios are debating and giving information about the policies, it is a question of common sense for everyone that the stranded persons are not holding televisions or mobile phones (that shall provide information) in their hand by which they shall know everything, but as we know common sense is not common to all.

Reporters deployed on ground to report about the ongoing situation also not worked up to the mark. They are questioning workers about how they are, since when they are travelling travelling. After their reporting got over even they do not bother to tell them about the policies that government is implementing to help. But what they done is to famous their report and videos by spreading it across the globe through every possible medium. Social Media got hoarded with fake images and videos of lockdown problems. Coercive reporting was the another method adopted by reporters for instance a video from NDTV reporter asking migrant worker to do again what he was doing before, so that he shall show it on his news channel. Is this what they learn in media courses in colleges if yes, then there is an immediate need to start some ethical subjects there.

At last but not the least if media houses (considered as fourth pillar of democracy) really want to help migrant workers they should have done that and this crisis was got resolved till now, but what they worried for is just only for their so-called “prime time show reports”.

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