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What the anti-CAA protests tell us about Indian Muslims

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The anti-CAA protests have created a lot of sound and fury in recent days. The protests have been characterized by violence by Muslim mobs, burning of public property, and desecration of Hindu religious places.

The liberal media tried to dress up these protests as being organized by all (sic) communities, to protect secularism. Disparate and even contradictory statements have been given by the protestors, about the reasons for the protests. However, when we look closely at the protests, several key patterns start to emerge.

  1. The protests were led by Muslim mobs

    The real face of the protest

Howsoever, liberals tried to dress it up, the violent anti-CAA protests were overwhelmingly led by the Muslim community.

Just like a Pulao may contain turmeric, spices and salt to enhance its flavour, but it remains basically a rice dish.  There can be no Pulao, if there is no rice.

Similarly, the anti-CAA protests may have contained a sprinkling of assorted secularists, Lefties, opposition parties, and even a Norwegian tourist to add colour. However, the overwhelming bulk of the protestors were Muslims.

Thus these protests were of an inherenty communal nature, as was evidenced by the usage of slogans like “ La Illah Il Allah”.

  1. Hatred displayed by minorities towards Hindus

The CAA has been a cathartic moment for the Hindu community in India. This was the moment when the masks of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb came off, and the Muslim community revealed its inherent hatred towards the Hindu community. It was a shameful sight to see huge crowds of Muslims protesting against a decision to provide succour to persecuted Hindus.

Pic: Twitter via Opindia
  1. Muslims care only for Muslims

Journalists like Arfa Khanum Sherwani, who earlier wanted the Indian Govt to provide refuge to Rohingya Muslims, did not even have an iota of sympathy for Hindu and Sikh refugees. This was another proof, that the Muslim community cares only about its co-religionists from the Ummah. Also, while mobs of Muslims were ready to protest against CAA, no Muslim activist has ever come out to protest against the presence of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India.

Finally, I have often wondered whether there are any liberals in the Muslim community. Liberals have always been known to defend the rights of communities, other than their own. By this definition, there are huge number of liberals in the Hindu community who are willing to fight for Muslim rights. However, have you heard of any Muslim coming out to protest for the rights of Hindus?

We are told that many Hindus oppose the BJP, and vote for the Congress or other secular parties, because the BJP is pro-Hindu and hence, anti-Muslim. Have you heard of even a single Muslim who has voted for the BJP, because he considers the Congress to be anti-Hindu ?

  1. India is an Islamic country

This may come as a surprise to many people, who have believed so far that India is a secular country.

But the fact is, India has more similarities with Islamic countries, than with secular countries. Just look at the facts:

  • India has Shariah rules for its Muslim residents, just like most Islamic countries
  • Muslims in India have special rights unavailable to non-Muslims, just like in Islamic countries like Pakistan.
  • Hindus continue to be persecuted in India, and converted to Islam under duress
  • The share of the Muslim community is increasing, even as the non-Muslims continues to decrease. This is similar to Islamic countries like Bangladesh and Kazakhstan.
  • The intelligentsia, media and most political parties care only about Muslim rights, just like in Pakistan.
  • Any move that favours non-Muslims is vehemently opposed, which we saw in the case of CAA recently. We saw this in Pakistan also, where Governor Salman Taseer had to pay with his life for speaking in favour of a non-Muslim.
  1. The ‘Minorities living in fear’ canard should be given a proper burial

We saw hundreds of Muslims coming out on the streets, and attacking policemen without fear of the consequences. In fact, the police maintained stoic resolve, even in the face of grave provocation. This is certainly not how a community living in fear would behave.

This canard that ‘Minorities living in fear’ is an extension of the belief spread by Leftists and the Congress, that a minority be definition is oppressed, and needs protection.

A cursory look at history will be sufficient to debunk this theory. The Whites in apartheid South Africa were in minority, but could not be considered oppressed by any stretch of imagination. Sunnis in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were in minority, but they held real power over the majority Shias.

However, Islamists and their all-weather allies, the Leftists continue to spread the propaganda that minorities are living in fear. In fact, the opposite is true, that minorities in India have many more rights than Hindus. Also, it is strange that on one hand “secularists” claim that Muslims are living in fear in India, on the other hand, they want more Muslims to be given refuge in India!

It is important to see the bigger picture of the anti-CAA protests, and assimilate the facts. Unless, we understand and assimilate these facts, we will continue to be waylaid by the propaganda being spread by the liberal media.

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