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Is DMK’s donation to left parties and releasing the cat out of the bag, a ploy to win new alliance?

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In the last parliamentary election DMK has stated in its poll affidavit that the party had donated 15 crore each to its allies such as CPI and Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Katchi and 10 crore to CPI (M). In brief DMK had donated 40 crore to its allies.

The point is not about poll donation or one political party donating some money to another alliance political party as election funding. But the transparency and urgency shown by DMK in releasing the above information which both communist parties initially appears to have attempted to suppress, only raises serious doubt.

The doubts raised by people are quite obvious and the ramifications of the doubts are many.  Was the DMK wants to sends out a clear message that the alliance parties won the parliamentary election due to DMK and not due to its own political strength of each party? Such possibility cannot be ruled out because after the grand victory, DMK went high and even told publically that Nanguneri constituency the congress party must give to DMK as the chance of DMK winning the constituency is quite high when compared to congress candidate.

The Nanguneri constituency was represented by congress candidate who later contested and won Kanyakumari parliamentary constituency and hence resigned the Nanguneri constituency. Unfortunately the celebration of DMK did not last long and the subsequent by-poll in Vellore parliamentary constituency, despite selling negative politics, lies and hatred like hot bread by DMK, DMK could just win the seat with a thin margin below 10,000 votes. After the face savour victory in Vellore, DMK toned down from its heightened arrogance and the feeling of invincibility and finally surrendered the Nanguneri claim to the congress party and both congress and DMK contested two assembly constituencies such as Nanguneri and Vikravandi as alliance partners and got defeated by AIADMK by huge margin.

All the above tectonic changes happened just within 3-4 months of grand victory of DMK in the parliament election that was based on selling lies, hatred and negative politics and fear mongering among minority communities.

In Tamil Nadu, the political parties giving cash to voters for vote is quite normal and is well known. But paying cash to political parties in the form of donation during election season to attract alliance partners is something quite shocking. DMK was the first political party in Tamil Nadu to experiment and perfect the so called Tirumangalam formula. Now the same DMK appears to have perfected the art of donation formula may be to attract alliance partners.

When DMK can donate nearly 40 crore to different political parties, why can’t the party donate money to poor people of Tamil Nadu by way of building houses for them, giving them monthly wage to sustain their family, provide them medical assistance, build hospitals to offer completely free medical care to poor people etc. If DMK has ever done that, where is the need for DMK to win the alliance and where is the need for the party to pay money to the voters etc.

Communist parties in India are far more invisible than the microbes in the air in Tamil Nadu. The most bewildering aspect is that to such invisible, electron-microscopic political force, why DMK has given such huge donation and does that not show the desperation of the party to win the election? If the allegations of DMK against EPS are true why then DMK is so scared of facing people?

Tamil Nadu is yawning for a change and people are against DMK coming back to power. Tamil Nadu has to be saved from fear mongering and negative politics. The politics of corruption and dynasty promotion people all over India started to oppose and the defeat of the great dynast Raghul Gandhi in his home constituency in UP is the best example for how people of India disapprove dynastic politics.

Today DMK is in the mercy of its alliance parties and not the other way. Even though none of its alliance parties like congress, VCK, MDMK, CPI and CPI (M) have any base in the state but still DMK wants the support of all these parties just to show DMK has mege alliance to its side.

If people are asked to choose between EPS and Stalin, 6-8 out of 10 people to whom we toss such question would say their preference would be EPS and not Stalin. The alliance parties also must realize that their political existence should not be reduced make Stalin as next chief minister of the state; instead they should reduce DMK and ensure DMK must agree for coalition government and rotational chief minister-ship to all the alliance partners. 

If the question of Super Star versus DMK is asked, naturally it is Super Star. From cradle to those working in graveyard, from CEO to cart puller, from beggar to temple priest, from new born baby to the one in the sick chamber, all of them unilaterally would say Super Star and Super Star alone can save the state. Hope Super Star, at least to save the state that he loves the most will enter politics and defeat the corrupt, dynastic force in the state.

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