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Congress party can be revived only with ‘jungle law of male lion’

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Revival of congress party with and or without the dynast Rahul Gandhi looks bleak and hence mass resignation of all those who are highly loyal to the dynast is happening at one end and at the other end, all those old generation leaders like Kamal Nath, Ashok Ghelot etc., are rallying behind the dynast to reaffirm their loyalty to the dynast. Ironically none of them are ready to bequeath their position as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan by owing up responsibility for the defeat.

Similarly P Chidambaram on his side has ensured his son becomes the Member of Parliament and he entered into Rajya Sabha through Maharastra. Most of the old generation leaders of the congress party are not only fighting to save their position in the party but also have ensured their children to become prominent in the party.

Blaming the dynast Rahul Gandhi alone and describing the congress party as family establishment due to him therefore holds no water as most of the power brokers in the party have also made the party a family enterprise.

This family exhibition of several leaders prevents them from criticising the other as most of them are sailing in the same family boat by following dynastic culture. It looks like; all these old guards want congress to remain as a family show so that they can mentor their children in politics through congress party. When time comes, they can fly from congress to other parties.

Need of the hour is jungle law of male lion for the congress party. Whenever a male lion encounters a pride and if the male lion is sexually matured and looking for harem, would fight the head of the pride lion and then defeat the existing head and then take over the pride. Then the new dominant lion then would kill all cubs born to the previous lion to make the female lion to come to breeding cycle.

Similar to the jungle law followed by a new dominant lion in his new pride, the new leader of the congress party must remove all the old generation leaders from the party and must make them just to decorate the party in the porch or in the backyard and should offer nothing beyond that. Similarly the children of the old guards who became prominent in the party thanks to their parents must be neutralized and every office bearer of the party must be new, credible and hardworking. At least for another 10 years, the culture of dynasty should not be entertained in the party.

The biggest road block for the congress party to be relevant in Indian politics today is its allies, the regional parties. Congress party was supporting the regional parties for a long while to come to power particularly at the centre and as a result of such politics, the party got reduced to the level of a regional or fringe player, stagnant in most parts of India. Along with restructuring the party, congress must destroy the relevance of the regional parties.

Congress must invoke national spirit, must support the agenda of one India, one ration card, one election and one leader Narendra Modi to lead India to success. By playing fiddle with regional parties, congress can only ruin its prospects and therefore congress must stop the regional parties come to power even if such politics may favour BJP. India needs national parties and not regional parties. If the regional parties are encouraged to form government, only divisive politics and politics of hatred and negativity alone shall breed and the best example is the politics of DMK in Tamil Nadu.

DMK has one only agenda to oppose PM Modi and all his programs even if the programs and schemes are best for the state. DMK is ready to spread lies and distorted information about any news scheme initiated by PM Modi much before the details of the scheme reaches people. The opposition shown by DMK towards one nation, one ration card is the best example.

Congress should not play to the gallery of regional parties and instead must work towards weakening them like how congress party has demolished left in Kerala.

For internal re-structuring, congress must adopt jungle law of a dominant lion. When the party invoke such forceful law, the party may face some freezing movements in Indian politics but congress must show courage to face it because India is in the safe hands of Narendra Modi.

Forget power, resurrect the party with new team and eliminate all old guards and dynast leaders. This is the need for the hour for the congress party. Obey PM Modi and do not oppose, respect him do not abuse, support him do not discredit his clean governance and corruption free administration.

S Ranganathan

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