3 Things Congress can consider doing to do control damage on INS Virat issue

Barely a day after PM Narendra Modi shared an India Today article (dated 1988) on Twitter it has been retweeted more than 18 thousand time and widely shared across other social media platforms. The revelation has become a matter of embarrassment for congress, which was attacking Modi for calling Rajiv Gandhi ‘Bhrashtachari no 1’. However, we have some suggestions for Congress to help them do the damage control.

  1. Prove that the India Today article is actually a Fake News – Best and quick solution would be that India Today hires some fact checkers to prove that PM Modi shared a fake story to mislead the nation. Many fact checker websites and YouTubers are available these days who can slice and dice articles/videos to prove almost anything. Reputation of India Today will be a small price to pay considering the bigger picture of saving face of Gandhi Dynasty. Once proved fake they can even demand resignation of Modi and continue the narrative that BJP spreads fake news.
  2. Signature Campaign by then INS Virat staff – Since Sam Pitroda is good at producing fake condemnation letters, let him claim that 200 navy officers who were onboard the INS Virat during this journey and their family (family part must be added to make the appeal emotional) have condemned Mr Modi for bringing a 30-year old forgotten issue back in public memory. Just write 4-5 lines on a letter and get it signed. No, we are not asking you to go and trace those officers & families. Just come up with some random imaginary names, forge their signatures and post on social media. Make sure your fact checkers play blind when Bhakts challenge them to fact check this letter.
  3. Claim that Rajiv Gandhi was taking INS Virat to do surgical strike in Pakistan – Since last week, Congress has started discovering/inventing surgical strikes that didn’t happen between 2004-2014. So no harm in going back a little further until 1987. If Congress plays its cards well, this could be an all-rounder solution. While it will establish that Gandhis cared about the nation as much as Modi does, it will also show the contrast between surgical strikes under BJP vs surgical strike under Congress. While Modi put lives of commandos and soldiers at risk, Rajiv Gandhi led from the front putting life of his family and in-laws in danger. It will nicely underline that the Gandhi dynasty has long history of sacrificing lives, and PM chair for the country.
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