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Rahul, an inspiration

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There I said it. Rahul is an inspiration. You think it is funny? No it is not. It is absolutely serious. But why am I praising Rahul on OpIndia? Because he deserves to be praised – he is an inspiration. Not convinced? Neither was I. But read on. I promise you that the end of this article, you will fully agree with me.

Rahul is a hope to the millions in India. Those who haven’t ever held a job – will see him and think – yes, I can become a Prime Ministerial candidate too. How inspiring is that? Sure, wannabe chaiwallahs can do that – but chaiwallahs have a job – this is about totally jobless people. And yes, the amount of assets. Go check your bank balance – with whatever experience you have. Look at Rahul’s assets. Now go and dunk yourself in a small cup of water. Yes, this is hope. Not your measly bank balance and one small home that you are either saving for eternity or paying a loan for eternity.

Rahul can barely string a few sentences together without mixing up either grammar, gender, facts, figures, dates or language. Have you ever heard a speech of Rahul where he does not muddle up stuff? I mean, there are a thousand leaders who can articulate – either in their native language or in English or in some other language. We look up to them and say, what a leader. I can never become a leader – I can never speak like them. But one speech of Rahul and the persons eyes glimmer with hope. Yes, I can do it. I can be a star one day. Leader or stand up comedian. I can also be something. He does it for inspiring the people, you duffers.


Rahul is an investment genius. Any asset he touches just grows. And on the other hand, there are people peddling toothpaste and plastic containers and herbal health supplements to supplement their income from a job. Who wouldn’t like to have this skill? Where an asset magically appears at your door and says, take my money, invest in me and forget – I will give you returns. I will grow on my own. Doesn’t happen. You and I and everyone else has to slog. But Rahul, what an inspiration from the investment genius.

And to you corporate types – this is totally for you. Learn from Rahul’s work life balance. I mean, I really don’t need to say more, but I will. Imagine working for a few days and taking off for few weeks. Yes, Rahul never preaches work life balance – he does it. By the way, you corporate idiots get one thing wrong – you take pictures of vacation. He takes pictures of work, not vacation. Take pictures of every work you do, share with boss, prove that you are working hard and voila – you are not affected by performance appraisals and those measly pay hikes you slog for. Your team does it. They take those pictures and go to town with it and you get your increment and promotion while you are in some exotic vacation. Don’t you wish you had a working life like Rahul? Yes, yes, you get the point. Tip: Empower your team so that they stand by you. This is something you wont understand. Second tip: Go big on Rewards and Recognition.

There is something very cool about some leaders. They give you absolute global gyan without telling you any details. And at the end you are either confused or confounded. But they leave you with the big picture. This is a very difficult skill. I mean, you are hungry and someone is speaking about Jupiter. Or Gold from potatoes. Or a fighter plane for 7200 rupees when you cannot even get a second hand phone with that money. You cannot comprehend it. The mouse brain that you have just cannot comprehend it. This is one thing that you cannot aspire for – this is beyond aspiration – this is sheer talent and genius. But isn’t it inspiring? This is called big picture thinking. Yes, yes, you can thank me later.


There is a plan to make a biopic of sorts – it will be abstract art -just a blank screen for you to see and inspire yourself. And a book is on the way apparently, printed on invisible ink.

This is a short post and it cant do justice to the great inspiration that Rahul is. Words, especially from someone like me, who has been a loser on most counts.

But if Rahul becomes the Prime Minister (he is already Prime Ministerial candidate and that is inspiration enough), he will inspire a billion people….Don’t you agree?

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