Once again… China shows its true colors

Once again, China has blocked India’s move to designated Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist. Once again, China stood rock solid behind its (Jaish-e-) Mohabbat. Once again, diplomacy failed to mobilize China support, whatever may be the reason. Once again paper tigers are blaming the government. Once again, people are for a complete ban on Chinese products. Once again, some people in social media are going a step further and demanding a ban on China itself – whatever does that mean.

Let me be very clear, we cannot ban Chinese products!

Banning Chinese products has huge implications for the Indian economy. And as far as I know, India is ill-prepared to deal with any such implications. Currently, trade is in China’s favor and for the last 10 years, India is requesting China for more access to its markets. This is where the problem lies.

The question you may ask, why India is requesting China when she can take actions on her own? Or you may say, look Trump has already taken some actions unilaterally to achieve trade balance with China.

Well, you know the answer, but you are too shy to acknowledge it; the US economy is far superior, in better shape and Momentum to handle any repercussions that may arise due to Trump’s decisions and so is China’s economy. And this is where we lag big time.

I think, instead of screaming to ban Chinese products we must follow some practical paths to ensure China (along with the world) takes us very seriously. Following are some of such paths:

  1. Economy – The government and its policies must ensure that we experience double-digit growth for the next 10 to 15 years.
  2. The innovation – We buy Chinese products only because they are cheaper. We all know that Chinese products lack durability and reusability. The citizens, through innovation, should ensure that the products that we produce are cheaper and durable.
  3. Social boycott – Vow to only purchase Made in India products as long as and as far as possible.

I am not an economic expert, therefore, I am not sure about the steps that the government should take to achieve trade balance with China. However, as citizens, we must think about what we can do to help our nation in tackling  Chinese arrogance.

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