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Home Politics The horror of CPI(M) made even God to fear in God’s own land –Kerala

The horror of CPI(M) made even God to fear in God’s own land –Kerala

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The so called voice of the suppressed and oppressed working class and that is how the communist party used to advertise or introduce itself is vanishing so rapidly from the world and soon the communist forces would disappear from Kerala. Both the CPI (M) and CPI have lost vision and have gone crazy and clueless. In the earlier days they opposed the congress party by calling the congress as party of the capitalist and later they supported congress from outside just to get eliminated permanently from West Bengal and Tripura.

To vanquish the communist forces from Kerala, a divine intervention is needed and Lord Ayyappa has come to rescue the land – Kerala which was created by Parasurama, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The left and many other political parties initially tried their best to milk a huge political mileage from the verdict of the Supreme Court of India granting permission to women of all age to enter Sabarimala temple.

Religious practices, tradition and spiritual faiths that are followed by our society for centuries of years, the left party and the party of the dynast want to demolish and demonize in the name of women’s right ploy failed miserably. But the left party did not understand the ground truth. However literate is the state of Kerala, the people are very traditional, religious and spiritual.  Despite their political affiliations, Keralites would never allow the politicians to muddle their religious or spiritual belief systems. Similarly Keralites never allow the politicians to politicize temples although Keralites are yet to recognize that they are woven in the larger fabric of Hinduism and Hinduism alone can protect the rights and dignity of Hindus from the neo-liberals and predators of Hindu culture.

More than men, women devotees were the first to oppose the judgment that challenges the age old tradition. Thanks to the efforts of several spiritual masters, Hindu cultural and spiritual renaissance is taking place in Kerala which the left party never wants to take place. Left parties have been selling their political idea through creating confusion, fear and lie. Once the Hindu cultural and spiritual renaissance enters Kerala, the entire political landscape of Kerala shall change and the first causality of such change would be the left parties as they would thoroughly get exposed. Therefore the left parties engineered a ploy to destroy the larger fabric of India, the Hindu cultural unity and used the Sabarimala temple issue as the weapon to achieve their goal.  Initially congress party supported them but soon they sensed the risk and dumbed the left to their peril.

Like how the left party got wiped out from West Bengal and Tripura for supporting the congress at the centre just to stop BJP, congress party cleverly pushed the left to the well to muddle and die so the congress can make the election in Kerala bipartisan between congress and BJP.


Police excess against thousands of Ayyappa devotees at the behest of left government cannot be forgiven and the police atrocity against the devotees in Sabarimala temple was worse than Jallianwala Bagh massacre of imperial rulers against freedom fighters. People of India in general and people of Kerala in particular must reply through ballot box towards the devilish atrocities of the left against Ayyappa devotes that too in the premises of Sabarimala temple.

Before implementing any big change, the ground must be prepared. The pros and cons must be analysed and the primary stake holders must be consulted. History must be dwelled, traditional practices must be analysed in details to understand why and how such practices have come into existence. But the left party was not interested in any of the above and wants to destroy the Hindu culture, belief system, Hindu tradition that is being followed for centuries and milk maximum political advantage was the sole aim of the left party.

The politics of left party to bleed and suck the blood of the ancient Hindu tradition that followed in Sabarimala temple by butchering the devotees through police excess has misfired.  People of Kerala got shattered and shocked by the action of left party.


Rowdy-ism, Rough-ism and political terrorism against opponents were the common political strategies of the left party.  During the left rule, fear and terror would rule the roost and murder was the punishment if anyone questions the left.  Series of political murders by left workers is the proof for the above claim.  This is the first in the history of Kerala where the left party has used the police force to massacre the devotion for Lord Ayyappa and the Hindu tradition that is being followed for centuries.

Today the left parties have proved their intent clear.  Kerala is described as God’s own land but in the land of God, it is not just the devotees and the tradition must fear, even the God must fear as the state is being ruled by the left.  Time has come the Keralites must do everything possible to save the state from left and congress.

Since the atrocities of the left party against Ayyappa devotees in Sabarimala temple premises was meant for political gain, people of Kerala must reward the left party politically in 2019 like how people of West Bengal and Tripura has done.

Kerala must develop and prosper.  Kerala state should stop experimenting alternation of generation between congress and left and must welcome BJP to build New Kerala – the real God’s own land.

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