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Really NDTV is this news?

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This morning BBC (@BBCWORLD) tweeted a video in which American President Donald Trump was spotted with what appeared be toilet paper stuck to the sole of his shoe as he boarded an Air Force One plane.

Journalist and executive editor at NDTV, NIDHI RAZDAN quoted the tweet, “Really BBC is this news??”

Why can’t this be a news? Donald Trump is one of the most powerful leaders in the world, it may also be seen as security failure.

But Nidhi’s quoting the tweet does not make me to write this post. I surprised when I saw the same news on her channel’s website. What an irony!

Now it is necessary to remind Nidhi about history of NDTV’s making news of nothing, sympatise with terrorist  and hide facts to spread propaganda.

  • Sometimes I feel NDTV has special bonding with terrorists. Normally when terrorist is killed the headlines of channels are “3 terrorists have been gunned down by security forces” or something like that. But NDTV is a unique channel on this planet. They post an innocent looking photograph of the terrorist without saying anything, I repeat without saying anything. Here is the tweet, as they are paying homage to that terrorist.
  • Fake news factory. I don’t why they hate Yogi Adityanath so much. You can hate him, but spreading fake news to malign him is not acceptable. This incident actually is of Haryana. So Is this news Nidhi?

You can follow #hereliesNDTV on twitter where you can find hundreds of lies, fake news and propaganda based reporting by NDTV and Nidhi.

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