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Newly crowned miss world Manushi Chhillar denied rumours of a Bollywood entry; to serve the country as a doctor

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Haryana. Newly crowned miss world Manushi Chhillar strongly denied rumours of a Bollywood entry; to complete the remaining years in college and to serve the country as a doctor, it is learnt by OPIndia.

“Miss world or miss universe or miss outer space, eventually the winner from India will enter Bollywood, Tollywood or Kholiwood and dance opposite incomprehensible so called heroes. It is so unfortunate that a beauty contest winner cannot look beyond some kind of wood for career and success. I am going to be different. Will finish m.b.b.s and will serve the country in rural areas”, miss Manushi Chhillar told OPIndia.

“Look at what has happened to Sen, Dutta and Mookhey. They all made entries in Bollywood only to disappear completely in a few years. Had they stuck to their initial plans, we probably would have known them differently and not as failed actresses. I can never understand how can anyone who worked so hard to succeed can choose a path of failure”, Manushi further added.

When OPIndia reminded her that the beauty contest is over and she can answer normally, the miss world winner took a deep breath and said, “I am just waiting for the first call from Bollywood. If Karan Johar calls, I will consider that as a good omen. I have already informed the college authorities that I will only visit the college the same number of times as Sachin visited the Rajya Sabha. With that analogy, the college has understood that they cannot disqualify me from appearing for the exams”

By the time this article is going for the publication, the newly crowned miss world has already received 2 calls for appearing in as many movies for an item song. Also, she has been part of the story discussions in as much as 10 movies, reliable sources from Bollywood told OPIndia.

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