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ISIS is nothing but Islam

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As the world quivers to the savagery of radical Islamic attack in Barcelona; one really wonders what is all the hatred about? World leaders were quick to condemn  this attack; some were bold enough take the name of religious ideology that prompted it; while many refrained from doing it; by just calling it cowardly. ISIS is something inhumane; insidious; no person would ever differ that it is the world’s deadliest organisation that has destroyed the middle east; posed as a potential threat to world peace and we still debate whether Islam is the ideology that prompts it! I argue it is. There are many reasons and proofs that can be given to prove the point.

1. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi:

ISIS’s Caliph; Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day and has a doctorate in Islamic studies that too from a university in the heartland of where Islam was born. Naturally he is well erudite regarding Quran and its teachings. This can be seen from his ‘address videos’ that surface from time to time.

2. Large number of Muslims joining ISIS:

Now this point can explain my argument further. We have witnessed that a very large number of Muslims have joined the ‘Holy Jihad’ waged by ISIS. And if we were to check their background; 65-70% of them are well educated; economically sound and large number of them from progressive countries. So why do they join such regressive organisation? The answer lies in Quranic verse 9:29 which orders them to fight against non-believers who do not believe in Allah and they will be guaranteed paradise.

3. Killing of other Muslims:


Now this is a tricky one. Someone will surely argue that why would ISIS kill Muslims in the middle east? Well Quranic verse 9:73 says; “O prophet; fight against the disbelievers and the ‘HYPOCRITES’ and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is hell.; and wretched is their destination.” The word hypocrite clearly explains the killing of fellow Muslims by ISIS. ISIS considers Muslims of middle east who are westernised as hypocrites and thus their slaughter is justified in Quran.

4. Breaking the myth of moderate Muslims:

Many of the Muslims call themselves moderate just to distance themselves or make themselves safe. But believe me there is no such thing as ‘Moderate Muslims’. Quran 9:111 says ” lndeed Allah has purchased from believers their lives and properties for that they will have paradise. They fight for the cause if Allah; so they kill and get killed.” This verse itself busts the myth of moderate Muslims. It can be clearly concluded; that Allah demanded all the Muslims to believe in him to kill for him or get killed. So a person can either be a believer or non-believer but not a moderate.


5. Persecution of many in the middle east:

It is very well clear that ISIS wants to establish an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Sharia Law. Sharia in itself is a set of regressive laws and violation of basic human rights. We see ISIS persecuting all those who oppose it. Well…. Quran 5:33 commands; “Indeed the penalty for those who wage a war against Allah and his messenger and strive upon earth, corruption is none but they be crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides. That is for them disgrace in the world and punishment.” This explains the persecution and slaughter of those who oppose sharia; considered to be Allah’s Laws.

6. Slaughter of Yezidis:

Yezidis are the people who have their religion derived from Zoroastrianism, Islam and Christianity. They believe in a benevolent peacock angel and practice Gnostic faith. Thus are considered polytheists and devil-worshipers. Thus in Quran 9:5 Allah commands, “And when the sacred months have passed; kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit and wait for them at every place  ambush; but if they repent establish prayer and give Zakah; let them go. Indeed Allah is forgiving and Merciful”. This explains why the Yazidis were given options of either to convert or get killed.

7. Treatment of Yazidi Women:

We have seen the inhumane and brutal rake of Yazidi women at the hands of these terrorists. Many said; terrorists used to pray before raping them. The rape of a non-Muslim women is justified in Islam. Quran 4:24 “And (also prohibited to you are all) married woman except those your right hand possess.” This verse justifies the brutal; ruthless rape of a non-Muslim womam at the hands of a Muslim man.

8. Destruction of holy sites:

This can be a debating issue. That if ISIS had anything to do with Islam why would it destruct its holy sites? Well, Islam considers justification of any object as holy as polytheism and idolatry and is averse to it. In Hadith Prophet Mohammed says, “Not leave any idol without leveling it.”

9. Why don’t Muslims heartily condemn Islamic Terrorists:

We see many Muslims giving support to ISIS and it keeps on increasing. No believing Muslim condemns ISIS; even if they do; they do it because of fear of backlash and Islamophobia. Well; Prophet Mohammed in a Bukhari says; “None of you has faith until he loves his brother for what he loves for himself”.

If you carefully read ‘The Quran’ you will surely understand the ideology that it promotes and what ISIS is all about.

Isn’t it high time to either denounce or demand reforms in this hateful neighbourhood we are forced to live with?

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

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