Making sense of politics over the surgical strikes by the Indian Army

Indian Army valiantly conducted a surgical strike on terror launch pads in PoK killing many terrorists on the night of 28th September in retaliation to the Uri attack. I was in a Courtroom when I read this on twitter, and it gave me goose bumps. I have never heard of any incident in the past decade or so where the Indian Army crossed the LoC and killed the Pakistani terrorists in PoK before they could commit the dastard act. In past that we know, the terrorists have been killed on our soil and that too after a few of our soldiers have already martyred, where killing them becomes completely necessary.

The Director General of Military Operations called the media and announced the strike the next morning. This was a completely reverse situation and a sense of pride and vindication was obvious in all Indians. The same was visible when crowds gathered in various Indian cities to celebrate the strike.

The Pakistani reaction was epic. It was so badly hit and in a spot where it could not take any sympathy, that it denied the strike. Had one civilian been killed in the strike, Pakistan would have come out weeping and blaming India. Since all the pigs were bloody terrorists, they had no option but to deny the strike. It is also obvious for Pakistan to deny the same as admission of a strike of this magnitude would shake the beliefs of uneducated Pakistani voters, who are fooled by political parties promising taking over of Kashmir from India.

There was no immediate reaction from the opposition parties, albeit official statement being issued by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi congratulating Indian Army. Rahul also joined her in congratulating the Indian Army and going further in saying it was the first time that he was proud of PM Modi’s action. It was acknowledgement of the fact that PM Modi had delivered what was promised. It was also acknowledgement of the unprecedented decisiveness and boldness of Modi Government. And that’s why this statement made by Rahul caused turbulences across the opposition parties including Congress. It must have been a moment of introspection for the UPA Government which did NOTHING even after the 26/11 attack perpetrated in the heart of the nation or after numerous such attacks by coward Pakistani terrorists on our nation.

Someone had to take the lead in taking away the credit from Modi Government for its stern action on terrorists with the backdrop of upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in UP and Punjab. Who else but the self styled Aam Aadmi, Arvind Kejriwal can perform an uphill task as this one with such precision. He is a man who has never been clear and therefore, after praising PM Modi and the Indian Army for its brave act, he discussed ‘Pakistani false propaganda’ of denying surgical strike and he urged PM Modi in unmasking such propaganda.

For any normal person, there would be no purpose of discussing what an enemy nation is saying, but here we are faced with someone, whose national allegiance can be seriously doubted after hearing him. This was a well written script by AAP and Congress as various Congress leaders immediately started singing the Kejriwal / Pakistani tone and asked PM Modi to release the video recording of surgical strike to prove that it has happened. Sanjay Nirupam, a Congress leader and an anti-nationalist went on to say that there was no surgical strike by Indian Army and that he would believe that the strike happened only if the video is released.

A school going kid would know that a video such as this one cannot be released and therefore we cannot assume that national leaders, who eye PM’s post, would be such morons to ask for it. Therefore, the reason for raising an issue has to be a well thought one. It took 2 days for these creeps to spill out that they didn’t want BJP to take political mileage because of a strike of this kind. So this strike didn’t give these political opponents that moment of joy which pervaded across other Indians. Just like the Bollywood celebrities were only concerned about their next movie releases featuring Pakistani artists, the political opponents were only concerned about the upcoming elections.

They object to BJP making this an issue in upcoming elections although they made an issue out of killing of Akhlaq in Dadri, UP as the biggest national issue just before Bihar elections. Why shouldn’t the BJP be proud of this action? Undoubtedly, it was the Army’s bravery and valor that made the strike successful, but ultimately the decision was by the Modi Government, which fact also can not be countered. The Modi Government certainly deserves total credit for taking this decision and giving the Army free hands to undertake this brave task. Is the objection being raised because the party which has ruled the nation for about 5 decades has never given the Army free hands to conduct such strikes?

The Indian Army was capable of conducting a strike of this enormity after the numerous attacks during Congress rule but that didn’t happen because the Central Government just lacked the political will. In fact, the BJP should raise this issue during the coming elections to show the difference between the incumbent government and the previous ones. The voters should know that voting for Congress and AAP would mean electing people like Sanjay Nirupam to power. The voters would then decide if they would like to see Sanjay Nirupam who called the strike, fake, to be a Cabinet Minister. In the past as well, the BJP has been setting up the right agendas for elections. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections also, it was the BJP that set the development agenda. Even with a view to compete, the opponents would have to rise to the level of BJP in having a spine to take such bold decisions.

I take immense pride in the fact that I voted for this Government. Such unprecedented approach of PM Modi in handling diplomacy and military at the same time would certainly find a permanent solution to export of terrorism by Pakistan.

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