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US India relation

PM Narendra Modi raised major issues that ail Democracies

The world’s oldest democracy (the U.S) and the world’s largest democracy India, needs to find a solution for the threats from big-techs and cryptocurrency. The sooner, the better.

Ethics debate over vaccine nationalism

Corona-virus does not differentiate between an American, an Indian or a British. Hence it would be sensible and ethical to come together, transcending the man-made borders, to protect the humanity as a whole.

Indian foreign policy- A shift towards American block?

The diplomatic activity today, has undergone a world of change and it has evolved as a doctrine of ‘No Permanent Enemies and No Permanent Friends’. Only thing matters is ‘Nations Self Interests’.

7 imminent challenges for NDA 2.0 on economic front

Global and internal dynamics pose imminent challenges to NDA 2.0 on economic front. Here, we list the most important ones.

Why Pakistan needs US aid to save their economy

In early 2018, US President Donald Trump stopped military help from $ 25.5 million for Pakistan. Earlier, the United States cut the UN budget.

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