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Social evil

Dowry: A custom relishing Indian weddings

The only way to eliminate this unethical practice is by providing equal education and economic opportunities to girls.

Are we in a trap?

We have lost the art of sportsman spirit in the society.

Marriageable age and the debate

Should India re-think the age of marriage, in a bid to lower our alarming MMR? Can the sate decide the appropriate age for women and become mothers? And there’s the larger question: will this move actually save Indian mothers?

क्यों ना हम पहले आपने अन्दर के रावण को मारें

अगर हमें रावण का सच में नाश करना है तो हमें उसे ही जलाना होगा उसके प्रतीक को नहीं। वो रावण जो हमारे ही अन्दर है।

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