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Preserving the past, forging the future- initiatives taken by present Modi govt to rejuvenate Bharatiya cultural sites

a new age has started in 2014 which aims to salvage Hindus from humiliation and revive sites of Indic faith culture. By doing this BJP under PM Modi is making the path smoother for future India both economically and morally.

Aadi Shankaracharya and women

I developed a deep respect for Sankaracharya and also felt a bit proud thinking how profound, respectful and modern our religious gurus were. I started to read more about him and I found another incident that goes like so..

Why one God

If the best form of governance is a democracy, why should we assume that the Universe is a dictatorship?

An open letter from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals

Our Non-dualism philosophy of Shankaracharya says: “God is consciousness or energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed, it is in everything.” God is not someone sitting in the sky and guiding everyone like a Boss.

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