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Rajasthan High Court

Who will prosecute the prosecution?

It is singularly unfortunate that our criminal justice system is not just  ‘creaking but plain simple broke’ as jurist Harish Salve said, and needs not band aid fixes, but desperate  surgical remedies.

ये राजस्थान है यहाँ जज भी लडके का यौन शोषण करते है

भरतपुर में एक बेहद ही अजीबाें गरीब याैन शाेषण का मामला सामने आया हैं, जहां एक जज एक नाबालिग लड़के का याैन शाेषण करता था!

Absurd rebuttal: Indian Express has eggs on face

An Indian newspaper treats its own country’s magnificent heritage as a piece of garbage in an absurd manner.

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