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Promoting Hindi

हिंदी की व्यथा..

हिंदी का खो गया अभिमान, भारत में अंग्रेजी है अब, पढ़े-लिखों की पहचान l बोलकर अंग्रेजी, होता है बड़ा गुमान, हिंदुस्तान में हिंदी, खो चुकी सम्मान l

Will they ever learn?

Since post-partition/ post-independence days in India, there has been continuous attempts by north-Indian lobby, with aid and abetment of GoI, to coronate Hindi as the only official language as also the only representative language of India and Indians.

प्रिय हिंदी

हिंदी सांप्रदायिक व दलित विरोधी?

Whose loss is it if one doesn’t learn Hindi?

Learning Hindi in school days, makes a student's life hassle-free and easier when he has to migrate to other states for studies. Not all off-the-campus people know English or your mother tongue.

Why not Hindi?

Do we once again fall into this trap and get divided or do we say enough and believe that we all are Indians and the division is only in the eyes of those liberals who try to influence us?

Is the BJP’s politics of language inclusive?

Article analyses the party’s past stance in Parliament and contributions made in promoting other Linguistic minorities.

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