Monday, June 24, 2024


Prannoy Roy

क्या NDTV की दुकान अब बंद होने वाली है?

पत्रकारिता क़ी आड़ में चल रहे NDTV जैसे गोरखधंधों पर अब मोदी सरकार ने नकेल कसनी शुरू क़ी है

NDTV sends investigative journalists to raid CBI as a tit-for-tat

The journalists’ team will disguise themselves as reporters from other TV channels; it is learnt by My Voice.

When “tolerant” NDTV could not tolerate IMF MD’s appreciation of Modi government’s policies

NDTV 'avoided' to show a lecture of IMF's MD, where she appreciated Modi government's fiscal and economic policies at LSRCC in 2015.

Mr. Roy is it really the tabloidization that troubles you?

NDTV has enjoyed dominance for so long that now it is unable to acknowledge the newer forms of media

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