Monday, July 22, 2024


Post-Covid-19 scenario and speculations

Leveraging COVID-19 crisis to boost Indian Economy

Indian economy is in much better shape today than what it was in 1991 when a balance of payment crisis loomed largely and there was a chance that India might default on the payment of its external debts.

Has the coronavirus given us a second chance at redemption?

A second chance at redemption, to ponder over our existence, how we have lived our lives, ways we have unleashed brutality on nature & its beings and a realistic chance of discovering means to set everything right, coexist and blend with other beings.

The Pandora’s Box has opened

Realizing that most of the alternatives to sustain livelihood are a hit and miss, people are embracing the idea of becoming entrepreneurs, even if calls for moves never thought of.

Speculations on post COVID-19 scenario

This Covid-19 has placed many physical and psychological barriers. Social distancing is opening up an avenue for untouchability once again, that we tried hard to abolish.

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