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The meat industry and climate change

As the population increases, the demand for food also increases creating a problem for planet Earth and life as we know it

Covid-19 paradigm shift: from existing to Living

he Covid-19 virus that brought the world down to its knees two years ago, has lost intensity but is refusing to go. New variants are being reported every now and then.

Importance of personal connections after the pandemic

The importance of personal connections and networking in an organization is unparalleled and there are multiple reasons how they can turn a company into a business giant.

The lost year- Shadow pandemic in education

We must collectively ensure we equip, encourage, and empower our children to negotiate the world they live in with courage and confidence for a bright and prosperous tomorrow.

A pandemic and the Google generation

The illusive search for Instant gratification!

Only vaccine is not enough

How long will the immunity conferred by the COVID-19 vaccine last? Will the immune response be strong in all persons who receive it?

Homage: A letter to 2020

Have a good last few days 2020. You were truly one of a kind. Take a bow. And yes, we won’t miss you.

Lessons from past epidemics and pandemics that have helped us in battling the COVID-19 pandemic

History tells us that this will end. On a darker note, history also tells us that will not be the last pandemic humanity suffers from.

Spanish flu- 1918 pandemic

The flu took a heavy human toll, wiping out entire families and leaving countless widows and orphans in its wake.

Just random thoughts

All the hues and hoopla's of superiority over everyone with whom we share this planet's common resources is gone with a virus in place.

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