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pandemic impacts

CSR in the pandemic year

Despite a significant contraction in India’s GDP, the profitability of Indian corporates increased by seven percent year-on-year.

एक महामारी ने उजाड दिया इस खुशहाल गाँव को!

यह कहानी है मण्डरायल तहसील के गुरदह गांव की, मंडरायल तहसील जिला करौली के अन्तर्गत आती है। इस गांव के बारे में कहा जाता है कि एक महामारी फैलने से यह उजड़ गया। इस गांव में अब हवेली तथा दुकानों के खंडहर है, ये खंडहर हवेली अतीत की दास्तां बयां करती हैं।

A laconic reflection of the vociferous coronavirus pandemic on the already relegated individuals

As the blustery pandemic pummeled mercilessly, the third-gender and Non-Binary community dis-proportionally condoned the socioeconomic hardships of the pandemic.

Only vaccine is not enough

How long will the immunity conferred by the COVID-19 vaccine last? Will the immune response be strong in all persons who receive it?

People and economy post COVID-19

Just like there are two sides of a coin and both positives + negatives in a human, so is the with COVID situation.

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