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Pakistan Afghanistan relation

Pakistan: A state gone rogue

Pakistan is acting as an unofficial mediator of Afghanistan with other countries, brokering backchannel legitimacy deals in the purview of possible threat emanating from a wrecked country that may become terror lobby, if not given what it asks for.

Not in the halls of UN or behind the mic, but Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam should be lived here and now

Afghan people are looking towards India. Will India only preach Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam as Vishwas guru or practice it earnestly too in this need of the hour?

Afghanistan on fire

The manifestations of sinister designs of the Pakistani establishment in Afghanistan may also be dangerous for India.

Chabahar: India’s strategic gateway to Central Asia and challenges

The report throws light on development of Chabahar port, its importance and challenges against this new Indo - Afghan trade route.

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