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Non-Cooperation Movement

CHAURI CHAURA- A century of non-cooperation movement and the ‘Caliphate’ movement

Gandhiji is long gone, his ideology has been revered world over but in his motherland, his Satyagraha and Khadi have turned into political symbols as Khadi has lost its relevance. On the other hand, the extremist ideology of Islamic State ‘Caliphate’ is here to stay.

What Pranab Mukherjee wanted us to pay heed to on Hedgewar

well-known Communist leader, Late EMS Namboodirapad himself: “Dr Hedgewar was a nationalist.” This ought to shut them up.

“Nehru Conspiracy” & Dr. Mookerjee’s death

“J & K government and Nehru government had entered into a conspiracy that Dr. Mookerjee would be allowed to enter J & K but not be allowed to leave.”, claimed Vajpayee on record.

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