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Group commander NCC, Rajkot– the man on mission- 26 January 2021– special interview

The Brigadier feels that the NCC’s job is not only to prepare the young blood to become the country’s second line of defence, in case the need arises but also to train the Indian Youth to become better human beings, citizen soldiers for the rest of their lives

Could the call for “Tour of Duty” be an inflection point for the NCC?

All the credit to the NCC, for shaping a bunch of young boys and girls into responsible and purposeful citizens. NCC can be a reliable resource to augment the tri-services human resource.

Mann Ki Baat, a powerful and unique communication tool

This initiative has led people all around the country to get a sense of involvement in the country's development, as the honorable PM touches upon various aspects of life in his radio show aired every month.

In defense of the Military Tank display at JNU

JNU is back in the news again, this time for a positive reason though.

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