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Narendra Modi's stern action on Corruption

India should thank Modi while congratulating on May 23 2019

The heartbreak and disappointment for the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs will be delivered to their door step by packers and movers at the behest of people of India.

Why isn’t India clean till now?

We invested in building satellites. We invested in building a strong force like the NDRF and focused on mitigation measures. That is why the death toll is one of the lowest for this year's Cyclone Fani.

मोदी से बड़ा मोदी का नाम

कई दशकों तक जो सपना था, अब अपना होने लगा था। एक नई भारत की एक नई सुबह, मोदी मे हर जन, जन जन में मोदी सार्थक हो रहा था। पाँच साल बाद आज "मोदी" नाम प्रधानमंत्री से ज्यादा एक क्रांति का नाम है।

2019 General Elections & possible narratives that could hurt BJP

Voters must know pressing NOTA is equivalent to vote for Congress.

Here are some quick and surprising facts about Narendra Modi’s family which prove that he is untouched by corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics

The aim of the article is to show the truth about Narendra Modi and how his family is placed despite he being in power in Gujarat as its Chief Minister and then became the dearest Prime Minister of India.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code that seal the fate of defaulters and pave way for New India: Let us re-elect Narendra Modi led BJP again

The first time voters and youths of India must understand the importance and significance of the new initiative by PM Modi because this reform is meant to save the future of millions of youths in India who wants to become entrepreneurs and look for seed money from various financial institutions.

Need for revamping the all India service rules of IAS and IPS officers

Mrs. Gandhi desired and ensured that the bureaucracy to be completely committed to the ruling party and not to the constitution or to country.

Air India- A tale of horror in the skies

Nehru snatched Privately owned TATA Airlines to keep it exclusive for his own VIP people. By nationalization of all the Airline companies in 1953 never gave any thrust to the domestic aviation market.

Can we unbiasedly evaluate this four and half years’ Modi rule?

These are some of those achievements of Narendra Modi government that are non-controversial and even opposition can't deny them.

Is Rahul Gandhi now trying to use Rafale as bargaining chip for AgustaWestland?

Rafale is now a dead deal which is being kept alive to dig the grave for AgustaWestland.

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