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Narendra Modi Wave

2019 Elections – Is Tamil Nadu becoming the next Kashmir?

From radical Muslim groups to groups owing allegiance to the banned LTTE, the state is witness to a wide spectrum of terror groups that are openly espousing their poisonous ideology.

When the center shifts to the right, what should center-left do?

The millennials strongly identify with the center-right in India. The permanence of center-right without stronger center-left should be seen as a sign worry.

Should Rahul Gandhi resign?

Almost more than 2/3rd of Indian population don't want Rahul. They are happy with their ego being buttered by nationalistic and religious politics. They are happy to fight for beef ban, over providing for basic food that India's 73 million poverty seek.

How to call opposition parties’ bluff on manipulation of EVM

Instead of trying to prove that EVMs cannot be manipulated, the EC should put the burden of proof that EVMs can be manipulated on the challengers.

Modi is coming back, and the week ahead is not going to be nice

Opposition has reached the levels of total paranoia, with clinging to that last political resort before the five stages of grief officially begin - The EVMs are faulty. 

मोदी से बड़ा मोदी का नाम

कई दशकों तक जो सपना था, अब अपना होने लगा था। एक नई भारत की एक नई सुबह, मोदी मे हर जन, जन जन में मोदी सार्थक हो रहा था। पाँच साल बाद आज "मोदी" नाम प्रधानमंत्री से ज्यादा एक क्रांति का नाम है।

Mahagathbandhan feasibility and Congress’ fate

The MGB opposition seems winning anywhere between 110-120 seats. Read how.

क्या विपक्षी राजनेता पाकिस्तान के इशारे पर देश में जातिवाद का जहर फैला रहे हैं?

एक दुश्मन देश में जाकर उससे एक निर्वाचित सरकार को हटाने की मदद माँगना क्या मोदी सरकार की नज़र में देशद्रोह नहीं है?

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