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Maharashtra’s CM Devendra Fadnavis

 Shiv Sena stands exposed like no other political party

It is singularly unfortunate that despite the BJP-S.S. combine, a pre election alliance, making it past the first post of 50% of 288 seats in the Assembly, Government formation has failed.

DNA of Shiv sena, NCP and Congress are same with reference to dynastic politics

The political ideology is nothing but a simple election eve jargon to fool the voters. Shiv Sena has proved the above truth loudly and eloquently than any other political party in the world.

BJP’s victory in the Sangli, Jalgaon- Emergence of a new political phenomenon in Maharashtra

Jalgaon and Sangli-Miraj-Kupwada, gave a resounding majority to the BJP, this came as a shock to Shiv-sena & NCP, the traditional rulers of the region.

How Maharashtra continues to grow despite the burden of debt

Devendra Fadnavis led Government’s focus on agriculture and infrastructure key to making Maharashtra a trillion-dollar economy.

Congress leader seeks World Record for Shiv Sena’s support withdrawal threats to the BJP

Congress MLA Nitesh Rane has written to Guinness World Records to count Shiv Sena’s support withdrawal threats.

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