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lockdown relaxation

Mindfulness in the times of COVID 19

While saving ourselves from being infected by COVID-19, by maintaining social distance, it is equally important to preserve the sanity of out mind and body while being in lockdown.

Did the government really err in imposing the lockdown without advance notice?

It is easy to criticize the government for not taking measures that seem, in retrospect, obvious; but in these times, it is perhaps best that we engage constructively with the government rather than attacking them at every turn.

लाॅकडाउन 4.0 लागू , 31 मई तक बढ़ा लाॅकडाउन

अर्थव्यवस्था को देखते हुए सरकार ने कुछ और छूट के साथ लाॅकडाउन का चौथा चरण लागू किया जो 18 मई से 31 मई प्रभावी होगा।

COVID-19: A way forward

This pandemic is a sure warning to us that how “population explosion” is going to create a large magnitude catastrophe in future if we don’t act on it.

Quench thirst or save lives?

It was surprising to know people in the county were dying not for food but for liquor.

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